2020 vision

I wasn’t sure if I would continue on with this blog, but although my year-long spiritual mentoring course has come to an end, I am still working with Marion and my journey on this path continues – as it will do until I snuff it. So, here I am. It’s 2020 and yesterday I spent eight-hours creating a plan for this new year.

Marion calls it a Vision Day and it goes something like this….You spend the morning in meditation and quiet contemplation whilst reviewing the past year, before then deciding what you want for 2020 in words and then pictures in the form of a vision board. This involves joyfully cutting out pictures from magazines and Pritt sticking yourself into oblivion, whilst eating a mountain of biscuits. What’s not to like?

The last 12 months were great for me.  Even though I’d asked for more money and a fulfilling career in my 2019 vision book that didn’t come to pass, I found the inner peace that I craved  and that’s way more important. I also learned to S-L-O-W down a bit.

As I said at the end of last year, materially things haven’t changed much, but within, the landscape looks totally different, miraculously so in fact and that is fantastic.

The question now is, where do I go from here?

It was a strange time to be visioning yesterday as my father is currently seriously ill in hospital and the prognosis is not good. As you can imagine, this is taking up a lot of my time and energy, but thanks to all the spiritual learning I did last year, I am coping with it well. I really feel as if I am being supported by the universe even though the experience is quite frankly, nothing short of horrific. My poor Dad does not deserve this.

I reflected on how much has changed for me and how spiritual practice has become important. In fact, I admitted that I am not far from going full on woo woo. I feel as if I only have one foot in normality now, whilst the other is firmly planted in (Miranda’s words) what I call crackpot territory. I am officially la la.

I don’t feel as fearful about money and my work as I did this time last year, but it remains an area I would like to change. I spent 2019 mostly working in PR and while there have been some really exciting and a few lucrative projects, it is not my passion. Writing is and so it needs to become a priority.

I would like to attract reams of lucrative writing work, but I admitted during our circle, that I didn’t believe it was possible. Tsk. Shame on me. Of course it’s possible. I don’t know how, but where there’s a will and a finger plugged into the woo woo socket, there has to be a way.

Practical steps include polishing off the first three chapters of my book, which currently has the working title of Spiritual L Plates. It’s based on this blog with a bit added in. Once the first chapters shimmer like a diamond, I am going to write a proposal and attempt to find an agent.

I am also going to ask my wonderful higher self to come up with lots of ideas for spiritual articles I can pitch. I am pretty sure that if I stay connected to the invisible magic of this universe, they will appear.

Really though, my vision for 2020 wasn’t at the top of my agenda yesterday. I wanted to surrender. To flop into the palm of spirit and say ‘just hold me for the day and let me zone out.’ That’s exactly what I did. The meditations were deep, tension melted away and I felt blissfully calm. I also relished being in conscious company – I’ve come to love all the wonderful women and the handful of men, who turn up at these events. Many of them have now become cherished friends.

So, here we are, Falling Together year two begins. I hope you stick with me for the ride – I have a feeling it’s going to be quite an adventure!

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